• Pierce O'Malley

The Premier League Returns!

The Premier League will return on 17 June - three months after the 2019-20 season was suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The first games to be played upon the league's resumption will see Aston Villa host Sheffield United, while Manchester City welcome Arsenal.

Both of those matches had originally been postponed due to domestic cup ties, and every club will have played 29 league games once they are completed.

Every team will be left with nine games to play, with dates for further fixtures - which will all be played without supporters in the stadiums - still to be confirmed by the Premier League.

All 92 matches will be broadcasted live across Sky Sports, BT Sport, BBC Sport and Amazon Prime.

Premier League chief executive Richard Masters said the TV deal was a "positive solution" for clubs and supporters, with games not allowing any fans in the stadiums. We have seen this in recent weeks with the return of Bundesliga and how their entire stadiums are empty. Although noted that all plans were subject to change if safety requirements were compromised.

Squads can now continue with full contact training, which was not happening before, allowing teams to practice free kicks and corners causing large clusters of players running and bumping into each other.

Players and staff will continue to be tested twice a week up to the start of the Premier League. A total of 8 positive results has come from the weeks of testing in Phase 1 of 'Project Restart'.

We're beyond excited for the return of the Premier League in a safe manor and cannot wait to see how Frank Lampard has taken this time to reassess his team. All coverage of the upcoming Chelsea games will be covered on our social media accounts on Twitter and Instagram along with match reviews on our podcast on Spotify!

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